Vegarianism, the spiritual enhancement of Veganism

Arnika Kirsch smelling a flower


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“Vegarianism” names the spiritual developement from Veganism to a further understanding of the awareness and the connection of every living being.

“Vegarian” is a new word that came to spiritual healer Arnika Kirsch after being reconnected to her own Vegarian origin in the star system Vega (more often referred to as Wega). The vibration of the word itself perfectly catches her feeling of love for the world and every being in it. This comes to life as a deep respect for the interests of others, may it be humans, animals, plants, minerals or our mother earth as a whole. The current state of developement enables this by choosing a vegan diet, preferably from organic aggriculture. But it doesn’t stop here.

Future generations will be able to spiritually connect to all forms of life and thereby regain information about the well-being of everyone involved in our actions. This information will be our guide for every intuitive decision that is about to be made. We will be able to choose wisely which way we want to go, which plant is free to offer her parts to nurture and heal us, and which technology will suit our beloved mother earth and everyone living on her. The further destroying of our planet will be impossible, when we are reconnected to the feelings of everyone around us. You might call “Vegarianism” the spiritual developement from Veganism to a further understanding of the awareness and the connection of every living being.

(C) Arnika Kirsch

Vegarianism considers the cutting of plant parts, without checking in with the plant first, equally to cutting someones hair or fingernails without permission. It’s just rude, or less harshly spoken, it is less thoughtful. Insensitive cutting can also lead to fear within the plant, when vital parts are about to be destroyed. We understand, that neither the plant nor the human will benefit from that.

Due to the current state of developement on earth most Vegarians choose the vegan lifestyle as a practical option and in addition practice spiritual awareness to the world surrounding. Some might take it a step further and prefer a frutarian diet, which means to only eat fruits that have fallen from the trees by themselves. Of course there are also individuals who already live or try to live from energy only. Since this is quite a way to go for the most of us, we await future inventions to grow wholesome food in a holistic process, that considers the needs and wishes of everyone involved. The plants might be asked if the desired parts are free, or wether their natural grow and reproductive circle is over soon, and the plant instead of choosing to decompose gives its body free for our consumption.

(C) Arnika Kirsch

Future developements and highly advanced spiritual practices left aside, there are already a lot of chances for the awakening mind to be seen: Is it alright to cut this flower just because it looks so beautiful and I want to have it? May I remove a bush because it hinders me from walking a certain way? Do I kick this stone to release my anger, or do I value its energetic structure for releasing my pain in a less hurtful way?

If you give yourself into this kind of awareness, you will not only begin to feel a deeper connection to others, but also to your own spirit, your own needs and wishes, and will learn how to fulfill them joyfully in agreement with everyone around you.

Vegarianism therefore is not only a choice about how to treat others, but also about how to treat yourself. It is a spiritual approach that schools us in finding the higher perspective in everything happening and connects us to a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us. Everything is one flow. We can decide to lean against it and force our own will on others, as we did during the past millenia, or we can choose to give ourselves into the divine flow again and learn how easy swimming through this wonderful world really can be.

Vegarianism is the emphasis of love and heart all combined as one conscious universe. Therefore it will never be forced on others, but empathically understand the often huge blockages that keep humans from feeling themselves and others. This all is striving to be freed soon. Mother Earth has set her switches into the direction of heart and happiness, and change is happening already. Everyone is welcome to ease this process by choosing the wonderful way of lightful awareness, that the Vegarians have come to show us now.

Here is your present from the Vegarians: If you like, connect your spirit to those lightful developement teachers right now, and ask them to be treated with the same respect you would wish for your most beloved person on this planet. Then relax and enjoy. The result will open your heart and reconnect you deeply with your divine origin.

Arnika Kirsch is happy to transmit the answers to further questions you might have. Please don’t hesitate to contact if you feel the wish in your heart.

Thank you for listening. ♥


(C) Arnika Kirsch

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