Arnika Kirsch

Arnika Kirsch


Arnika Kirsch is an independent journalist and photographer. Viewing the world she discovers with the eyes of

  • Spirituality
  • Futurology
  • Vegarianism
  • Holistic Health
  • and Happiness

she offers a new perspective on well-known topics regarding every aspect of live.


Spiritual Journalism

You can book her unusual point of view to write or photograph for any topic your readers might be interested in. Her expertise will provide sometimes unexpected but nevertheless eye-opening content by presenting solutions to so far undissolved issues. Arnika Kirsch will always benefit your readers by making their lives easier, healthier, and more joyful to experience.


Tulpen im Sommer

(C) Arnika Kirsch

 Travel Reports for LOHAS

Arnika Kirsch knows the wishes of LOHAS* from her very own experience. While travelling the world she seeks every opportunity to report about suitable travel, hotel and eating arrangements for this very special but growing target group. Therefore the availability of vegarian food is also an important point on her check list.




* LOHAS = People commited to a „Lifestyle Of Health And Sustainability“.



Arnika Kirsch has been a succesfull spiritual healer and alternative psychotherapy practitioner since 2011. Due to own illness she discovered uncommon knowledge for healing the body and the mind.

Back in 2005 she run her online shop for vegan organic cosmetics, to provide vegans with the best alternatives available and a great base of knowledge.

In younger years she used to be a fotomodel working in Milano, Munich, Frankfurt and Hong Kong for several magazines, catalogs and ads.

Now she is travelling the world to deepen her spiritual understanding and thereby opening new perspectives for others by her journalistic writing and photographing.

Those are only a few chapters of her creative and inspirational life. Call her a scanner personality if you like: Actually this would be the best word to describe what she’s been doing so far.



German (native), English